4 main reasons you should put our experience to work for you!

Concert Promotion and Production

Pleasure Plus produces and promotes concerts for our company, along with promoting and/or producing shows for our clients.

In addition to our production and promotion competencies, we enjoy strategic relationships throughout the live music industry with artists, talent agencies, managers, and entertainment real estate owners.

Pleasure Plus concert promotion and production abilities can be tailored to any organization’s live event needs– large, small, or in between.  The way we execute, our experience, and our industry relationships allow us to be extremely effective in promoting and/or producing any size live music event for our clients.

Live Entertainment Consulting

Pleasure Plus helps large and small non profits and performing arts centers design and execute operating and fundraising strategies.  We bring a “for a profit” approach to helping non profits connect with their supporters and client base through live entertainment.

Pleasure Plus works with clients to identify and create opportunities in their special events and operating divisions.  We  make recommendations on how to lower expenses, maximize existing revenue, and create new revenue opportunities that fit well within client organizations.

Fundraising Events

Many nonprofit organizations are searching for new ways to support their operating and capital needs. They are tasked with finding unique, exciting and creative events, yet they have limited resources to do so.  For over 25 years Pleasure Plus has used live entertainment as an effective, creative fundraising resource.

Pleasure Plus specializes in helping nonprofits maximize their special events budgets by harnessing the power of live music.   We provide a turnkey production capability that identifies the talent, books the show, promotes and produces it in conjunction with the nonprofit organization.  By partnering with Pleasure Plus, the nonprofit can leverage our  experience, relationships and resources in the live music industry to their advantage.

The Pleasure Plus Plan
To address fundraising challenges, Pleasure Plus helps nonprofit organizations :

  • Create and Implement a Differentiated Marketing Concept
  • Manage Event Production and  Execution
  • Understand Risk Tolerance options


In addition to Pleasure Plus core business, our team is creating its own Foundation dedicated to promoting and presenting live-staged performances to assist venues adversely affected by decreases in funding.

These events and performances are developed in partnership with local venues and individuals who lend their financial support to each event or performance.

Proceeds of each event are given back to the partnering organization(s) to help defer the costs of operating their venue.

In order to ensure that programming standards are maintained,  Pleasure Plus Productions takes an active role in each of its partnerships.   

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